Advertise On Google

Before we build your advertising campaigns, we first like to build trust.

Don’t worry, no one expects a business owner to also be a Google Ads expert. You’ve most likely tried yourself or hired someone before that overpromised and completely forgot to deliver. By partnering with Click Track Marketing, we promise to efficiently manage your ad spend so you can focus on running your business and taking care of the new customers generated online.

Google Ads is the preferred channel for most advertisers and it comes with no surprise as to why your company should be spending money on pay-per-click. Most consumers start the buying process online or any type of business, product, service, or even local restaurant. Without properly setting up conversions and measuring your results, most small businesses fail at digital marketing. Nowadays, there’s not really a choice to not advertise on Google.

Click Track Marketing will help your company understand the complexities of digital marketing and properly set up your campaigns and conversion tracking to understand where your money is going and where you should continue to invest. 

We’ll take a deep dive into your business and figure out how you can get more out of paid advertising by deeply understanding your prospective customers – usually a combination of keyword research, surveys, ad copy testing, or split testing your landing pages. We handle the heavy lifting and the technical setup to track every paid click. Then either weekly or monthly, our team sends out easy-to-understand reports and shares your most important business metrics with you.

With our expertise in analytics, we’ll be able to show you exactly which campaigns and ads are converting well, which ones aren’t worth running anymore, and what’s working with different audiences. By doing this we’ll make sure that every dollar spent on advertising has a positive ROI (return on investment). That way when it comes time to review budgets next year – you won’t have any surprises and you will most likely increase it!

It’s also important not just from an ROI perspective but also because Google rewards high quality, fast-loading websites with better ad placement and higher quality scores. This means that if your site isn’t performing as your competitors then its ad ranking could drop over time – meaning less traffic for your business! That’s why our SEO & PPC services are typically bundled together for maximum performance.

High-Level Overview to Get You Results

Repair SEO

01. Understand Your Customer

Repair SEO

02. Extensive Keyword & Competitive Market Research

Repair SEO

03. Create a Marketing Plan to Reach Your Goals

Repair SEO

04. Launch Marketing Strategy & Continue to Optimize Performance

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