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Amazon sellers looking to grow their sales by directing online traffic outside of Amazon to their Amazon listings need to check out the Amazon Brand Referral Program

What is the Amazon Brand Referral Program? 

The Amazon Referral Program is a program where brands can receive a referral bonus for sending off-Amazon traffic directly to the product listing page.

For example, if a seller uses Helium10 software or has an idea of which keywords are generating sales, there is a high chance that some of those high-converting keywords could be used in a Google Ads campaign to boost sales from outside of Amazon.


Sign up for a New Google Ads account to receive $500 in ad spend after you spend $500. 


Not only do you receive a monetary bonus (which can help offset some advertising costs) you will likely move up in the Amazon rankings starting a snowball effect of even more sales. If your reviews are solid, your page looks nice, and your images show the product/benefit well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for the program. Keep in mind that your brand needs to be registered.


How to register your brand on Amazon?

Here are the instructions to register your brand.


  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. The trademark owner must submit the application.
  3. Enroll your brand and wait for the verification code and next steps.
    • Your brand name has an active trademark.
    • You have a trademark registration number.
    • Your brand should be listed under product categories.

How does Amazon track sales from ads outside of Amazon? 

Amazon helps sellers create tracking tags called Amazon attribution tags which is a tracking template appended to the listing URL.


How to Set up the Amazon Attribution Tag?

Here is the link to the help center on how to set up Amazon attribution, which will help Amazon determine the sales generated from outside of Amazon. *Referral bonuses are not paid in cash, only credits for future advertising. 

Go to and log in

  1. Click on Advertising
    a. Click Measure Non-Amazon Ads

b. Click Visit the Advertising Console

Why You Should Sign Up for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program

Believe it or not, there are still thousands of searches per day on Google that include the keyword, “amazon.” Here are a few examples below from the keyword planner in Google Ads showing estimated monthly volume in the United States. This is important because even though people intend to go to Amazon to buy, some consumers still use Google as a first step to get to

Example of keywords in Google that include "Amazon"

The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program is a great way to earn “commissions” on qualifying purchases made by customers you referred to from other channels. The more people you refer from traffic outside of Amazon that click the ad AND buy your product on Amazon, the more you earn.

This is why Google Ads and Facebook play a key role in growing your Amazon sales. If you’re a Professional Amazon Seller, be sure to sign up for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program today.

The additional benefit of driving outside traffic that converts on Amazon is likely the boost in ranking. Anyone who is familiar with selling on Amazon knows that the lower the ranking number, the higher the sales will likely be and if you can make it into the top 100 products, you will be selling enough products to retire soon.  Just don’t forget to order inventory in advance to avoid losing your ranking.

If you need any help creating a Google Ads or Facebook campaign for your Amazon products, please reach out and fill out the form on Click Track Marketing.


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Semrush eCom special offer

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