How to Sign Up for Google My Business


When it comes to search engine marketing and making it easier for consumers to find your company online, Google My Business is one of the first marketing tools every owner should sign up for. It’s a FREE listing and the chances of being found online during a consumer search rise exponentially.

How to Create a Google Ads MCC Account (Manager Account)


Now known as a Manager Account, MCC means ‘My Client Center’, and provides a high-level overview and management opportunity for individual Google Ads accounts to be managed all in one place. It allows businesses to provide insight and access to their AdWords account to an agency or marketing specialist, without transferring ownership or billing information.

Building a Story Brand


Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller breaks it down step-by-step on how to market your brand online and why simple words matter for your business. Donald explains in great detail with actionable insights and HOW TO’s after explaining the WHY. This is a must-read for anybody working at a company that is looking to gain more customers by just simply clarifying your message and becoming the guide to all your heroes (customers). Download or buy the physical book immediately and get started today. Waiting could cost you thousands of future dollars. I took notes on the entire read and can’t wait to rework my story and the one for my business, too. Amazing business book and so happy I decided to give it a read.

How to set up Google Duo for Video Conference and Chat


Google Duo is a peer-to-peer video chat solution that allows up to 8 users at a time meant to be simple to use and high-quality. Duo is available in the Android and iOS store and works on multiple devices including computers, tablets, phones, and more.

Storytelling Guide for Sales Professionals


This blog post will help you understand how to better craft your sales story to get more prospects to listen to you and ultimately build trust and rapport to where they do business. Storytelling is extremely important in the sales process as you want to avoid selling features and benefits until after you understand the problem and craft an effective way to tell your business story. People remember images and in order to paint a picture your prospect can truly understand, you need to follow a specific structure on how to design your sales story.

What are Google Lead Form Extensions?


As of early November, Google announced a new extension called Google Lead Form Extensions in Google Ads that will help speed up the process of connecting with leads by allowing a signed-in user to share their contact information with a simple click of the submit button similar to Facebook Lead Ads.