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You’re probably tired of all the noise on the internet. You’ve read article after article about the best business credit cards and funding options for SMBs. If you’re looking for business credit cards and need to raise capital for your small business, don’t waste your time weeding through the marketing glitz of credit card comparison sites.

You need to go to



What is trutopia? 

Trutopia was developed for business owners to take all of the guesswork out of the equation when owners need capital. The technology will help you find the best credit card cards for your specific goals and profile – with no regard to compensation from specific banks. Trutopia calls this technology TIM, for Truth In Money, that not only prequalifies business owners but also returns an unbiased listing of credit cards that truly has the highest approval odds for each individual.

Trutopia will instantly deliver real credit card options and then you can decide from there which cards you’re interested in. They’ll even tell you which cards to apply for in a specific order so you can get maximum funding. How amazing is that?

But who can you really trust when it comes to business funding and credit cards?

We get it, it’s hard to know which sources are legitimate and which are high-ranking websites and aggregators that are just out to make a buck. That’s where trutopia comes in. Trutopia is a trusted robo advisor for entrepreneurs and small business owners when it comes to signing up for business credit cards and funding options.

Unlike other marketplaces that only promote credit cards in order of the issuing banks that pay them the most money, trutopia uses its proprietary technology that sequences the best credit cards FOR YOU. The solution was built to solve a serious problem and promises to never promote a specific card brand based solely on compensation.



With trutopia’s technology, you are guaranteed to get maximum funding to help successfully grow your business. Say goodbye to merchant cash advances with astronomical fees, bank loans with high interest rates, and sifting through thousands of articles online about the best business cards for small businesses.

Trutopia is unbiased and only promotes cards that have the highest approval odds so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best cards to meet your financial goals. And, the selection of cards includes over 350 cards from credit unions, small businesses banks, and community banks where you can often get higher credit limits.

In contrast, sites like LendingTree.comCreditKarmaCredit, and many more only highlight about 15-20 top credit cards cards from the banks that pay them the most. Trutopia is here to even the playing field for entrepreneurs who are looking for the best funding options for their business.


Here’s how it works:

    1. Go to and click SIGN UP to get pre-qualified.
    2. Leverage the technology to identify and sign up for the best cards in order.
    3. Apply for the recommended cards and get maximum funding.

Sign up today to get the best 0% business credit cards available today.

Once you get funding for your small business, it’s time to think about investing in marketing to generate new customers. Nowadays, business begins online. If you are not showing up on Google search and map results, your potential customers are visiting your competitors instead.

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