Sustainable Swag Company

Sustainable Swag

New sustainable swag company drives a 266% increase in the number of form fills with a targeted Google Ads search campaign.

Key Results

Before working with Click Track Marketing, Swagger was only utilizing the Smart Campaign in Google Ads and was seeking more quality leads. After working with a professional marketing team that built a highly targeted search campaign with tightly themed ad groups, the sustainable swag company was able to increase the budget while maintaining a similar CPA increasing their leads by 266%.

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increase in the number of form fills completed from Google Ads clicks
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increase in conversion rate


New to search engine marketing, the sustainable swag company was not properly tracking the most important actions on their website, especially actions that came after a paid ad click. Without proper tracking, the company was unsure of where to invest its marketing dollars.

Actions to improve performance

Goals & Objectives

Increase the number of quality leads driven by Google search ads by 50% while maintaining the current CPA.


The sustainable swag company now sees the value of investing in advertising on Google and is going to increase the budget over the next few months.




The partnership began with a need for a Google Ads expert to help create a campaign that drives quality leads and is now expanding into an SEO strategy that includes technical improvements, content, and website experience testing.

How to Get Started

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Last 60 days of Google Ads comparing both the original and new campaigns


Last 12 months of the Google Search Console View


*Swagger partnership started in October and the traffic continues to increase over time