How to Give Access to Google Ads Account


Follow these steps below in order to give access to your Google Ads account. Once you grant access to your google ads account, the new user will be able to start running and optimizing ads for you.

  1. Log in at
  2. Navigate and click into Tools and settings in the upper right of the browser:

settings to give access to google ads account

  1. Under Setup, click on Access and security:

Click access and security

  1. Click the blue + button to add a new user.
  2. You’ll be directed to a screen, in which you can add the email of the additional user that you choose to have access
    1. Enter
      1. You’ll be able to choose the level of access for the user (shown below).
      2. Select ADMIN
        1. Click on SEND INVITATION

Select rights and send invitation

  1. The new user will be receiving an email that’ll prompt them to accept the invitation.
    1. Example shown below:

Accept invitation to access google ads account

  1. After the new user accepts, you will receive an invite from a manager account which will be owned by Click Track Marketing.
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