Adding a new user to Google Ads or Local Services

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How to add a new user to Google Ads account or Local Services by Google.

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This article will show you how to add a user to google ads or Local Services by Google account.

    1. Login to the MCC or Google Ads accounts and click on the preferred account (CID).
      1. Tools (Gear Icon)
      2. Setup
      3. Account Access
      4. Click the Blue (+) sign and add an email address
        1. Set the preferred Access Level and the user must accept the invitation via email to complete the process.

  • All Local Services providers must have 1 review in order to go LIVE. 
    1. Please provide a link to Google My Business page and continue to grow the number of your reviews from customers during the onboarding phase. The more reviews with a higher rating, the more leads you are likely to get from Local Services.
    2. OR ask for a review from the Local Services link you can send out to customers.
      1. Local Services reviews only show up on Local Services search results where GMB reviews show up on both.
      2. Once the provider receives a lead, books a job, then completes it, they can ASK FOR A REVIEW from the Dashboard resulting in a VERIFIED review which could help increase their ranking and show up higher in search results over competitors.
      3. The provider must request a review from the Dashboard in order to be shown as verified on Google search results.

*As you are enrolling in Local Services or even before, please make sure to create a Google My Business page and/or continue to ask for and receive as many rave reviews as possible from your past or previous customers.

Any questions or guidance on how to sign up for Local Services, please contact us right away as we have experience launching over 750 providers since 2017 and we are here to help you succeed online. For more tips and tricks on how to rank higher on Local Services by Google (Google Guaranteed), send us an email or leave a comment.


How to add a user to Google Ads

Login to, click on the gear icon on the top right, under setup is account access, click here and then the blue plus sign to add an email address. Set the proper access level and they will receive an invitation via email to confirm.

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