How to Create a Google Ads MCC Account (Manager Account)

How to Create a Google Ads MCC Account

Follow these steps on how to create a Google Ads MCC Account for Local Services and Managing Multiple Google Accounts

Now known as a Manager Account, MCC means ‘My Client Center’, and provides a high-level overview and management opportunity for individual Google Ads accounts to be managed all in one place. It allows businesses to provide insight and access to their AdWords account to an agency or marketing specialist, without transferring ownership or billing information.

Google Ads and Local Services are two separate products, but Local Services is integrated into Ads through the billing infrastructure and essentially is a display ad shown on Google. Creating separate ad accounts will allow providers to run pay-per-click ads and Local Services ads separately, making it easier to track ad spend and allocate different budgets to the PCC campaigns of Local Services.

 Example of a Google search that populates the Local Services ads shown as the 3 boxes. These are a few of the companies you can trust that have been licensed checked, background checked, and Google Guaranteed or your money back. *Up to $2,000.

Benefits of an MCC account with Local Services by Google

To provide agencies and/or providers that manage multiple Local Services and Google Ads accounts the ability to manage all Local Services locations from a single log-in to the Dashboard. *The drop-down menu shows all linked locations by logging into the Local Services dashboard via MCC account email address and password.

Benefits of an MCC account with Google Ads

Agencies and businesses that are managing multiple Google Ads account have the ability to create a manager account and link all associated customer ID numbers to the MCC, known as a parent account. A single login and separate billing capabilities or consolidated billing from one account is possible depending on ad spend with a manager account.


How a multi-location business or agency would create a manager account in Google:

  1. Visit and click START NOW
  2. Enter the email address you want to use for this account. The email address must not already be used to sign in to other AdWords accounts. (ie; create a new GMAIL address specifically used for this MCC account)
  3. Give your manager account a name. This is the name that the agency’s clients will see in their managed accounts. (ie:
  4. Choose how you plan to use the account, either as an account to manage your own multiple AdWords accounts or to manage other people’s accounts.
  5. Select your country and time zone. This time zone will be used for your account reporting and billing and can’t be changed. You will want to choose the time zone you work in.
  6. Select a permanent currency for your account. This selection will associate your manager’s account with an appropriate currency for any specific billing needs for your account. You want to choose the currency in which you do business. The client’s accounts will be billed in their individual chosen currencies.
  7. Check the box to accept the rules of use, then click Save and continue.
  8. Once your email is verified, your new manager account is active!
  9. Agencies or companies still need to link the Customer ID number of the account(s) they would like to manage and link it to their master MCC account as well as be accepted by those Google Ads account owners.

How to Link an Existing AdWords Account:

  1. Log into your new Google Ads MCC Manager Account.
  2. Click the Google Ads new logo and look for the OVERVIEW section.
  3. Click the ALL ACCOUNTS section. (See screenshot below)

4. Click the “ + ” add Account (BLUE) button

Once you’ve reviewed the terms for linking accounts, enter the AdWords account Customer ID number in the client accounts field. To link multiple accounts at once, enter one Customer ID per line.

  1. Then choose “Link existing accounts.

Once you’ve reviewed the terms for linking accounts, enter the AdWords account Customer ID number in the client accounts field. To link multiple accounts at once, enter one Customer ID per line.

  1. Click LINK, then Submit.
  2. When you click Submit, the AdWords account you added will receive a notification and email that invites them to link to your account. Any user with administrative access on the invited account can accept your invitation via email or when logged in by clicking on MANAGER from Tools > Setup > Account Access. Then click ACCEPT and if you prefer, you can make this MCC an Account Admin.

  1. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be able to see the CID/Account listed in your MCC Manager account with access to update, create, pause campaigns, add or remove access, etc.

…continue if you are a Local Services provider or agency managing Local Services accounts.

  1. Next, go to and log in with your MCC email address and password associated with the account.
  2. By now, you should be able to toggle back and forth between each location and/or account for Local Services without logging in with different email addresses.

11. Please add selected users (owner and/or person managing the lead inbox) via their email address and select the access level. This will provide that email login access to the Local Services Dashboard. All additional users must be added or removed in Google Ads

Go to Tools  > Setup > Account Access > Add Email Address (must be associated with Google or a GMAIL)

Any questions or comments, please contact us HERE. We have 2+ years experience on-boarding local providers and managing digital marketing agencies launching thousands of service professionals on Local Services by Google.

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