How to set up Google Duo for Video Conference and Chat

How to Set Up Google Duo for Video Conference and Chat

What is Google Duo?

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Google Duo is a peer-to-peer video chat solution that allows up to 8 users at a time meant to be simple to use and high-quality. Duo is available in the Android and iOS store and works on multiple devices including computers, tablets, phones, and more.

How to sign up for Google Duo?

Signing up for Google Duo is extremely easy and quick. You can go to and enter your phone number to enroll and verify by entering a pin. After the number is verified, you are able to add users based on their phone numbers and instantly connect with just a couple of clicks.

Google Duo has great video and audio quality and even works well for drum lessons, which is usually difficult due to the latency. I encourage everyone to use the tools Google offers for free, especially if you are trying to build a business or grow your existing company.

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