How to Sign Up for Google My Business

Sign Up for Google My Business

Here is a short video tutorial on how to set up your free Google My Business listing

When it comes to search engine marketing and making it easier for consumers to find your company online, Google My Business is one of the first marketing tools every owner should sign up for. It’s a FREE listing and the chances of being found online during a consumer search rise exponentially.

This quick video tutorial will guide you through the signup process and part 2 of this series will even help you set up the listing after you received the verification postcard that verifies your address and business information with a 4-digit code.

Even though signing up is a fairly easy process, each listing should be fully optimized for search results including highly researched keywords, search terms that consumers use, and categories that describe your business. Click Track Marketing educates small businesses on how to get found online with free videos, marketing blogs, or monthly paid services including performance-based marketing, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and marketing products on Amazon.

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