Responsive Search Ads – Location Insertion (Dynamic Locations)

Optimizing Ads with Location Insertion in Google Ads

What are the dynamic location insertions on Google Ads? 

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Dynamic Location Insertion for Responsive Search Ads lets you tailor your responsive search ad text to your customer’s location or area of interest. Location insertion for RSAs highlight a location in the ad text where your product or service is offered. This helps your business show up in more targeted searches by adding the location. For example, your ad can say “Best Movers in {City},” and the city name will change based on the user’s search query and location.

Why should you test Location Insertion and target consumers with relevant ads by state, city, and/or zip codes? 

By targeting specific locations, Google Ads allows you to have more control with bidding (if manual CPC) where you can increase your bids with states that are performing well or lower bids on underperforming areas. This strategy allows for more control and granularity to understand which states and ads are worth investing more in. Depending on your business or services offered, it may be a good idea to target each state individually.



  • A fairly easy and scalable way to create highly relevant and targeted ads based on a user’s location.
  • Ads are localized which offer tailored messaging to the consumers searching for similar products or services.
  • Quicker to scale and ability to upload a CSV file and data feed to target all available areas.
  • Improve ad relevance and impact the Google Ads quality score of your ads which leads to lower CPCs and entering more auctions.


  • Instead of having to upload thousands of rows and manage an ad customize file, you can customize your ads to the city, state, or country you want to show.
  • Download a CSV file from the AdWords API and quickly add the entire list of approved GEO-TARGETs from Google HERE.

How it works

  • Insert something like “Best Movers in {LOCATION(City)} and make sure you use proper capitalization in the ad headline.
  • Google Ads will try to replace this code with the location in your ad group. You can select 1 location for your headline and up to 2 in your descriptions.
  • You need at least 3 headlines without location insertion, or you can use the default text. You can select to set up locations for city, state, and country.

Before you set up location search insertion ads

  • Make sure your location targeting is properly formatted for the campaign. For example, are you targeting zip codes, cities, states, or all of the above?

How to set up location insertion for RSA ads

  • Type the “ { “ curly brace to start the keyword insertion, timer, or location insertion tab. You can also type the product or service first then add the location feature.

Ex: Life Insurance in {ENTER STATE OR CITY}

  • Check the RSA preview in Google Ads to make sure the text looks correct, views properly, and reads well.

  • Once you confirm the ad looks right, click on SAVE and track your results.

If you have questions about location insertion for Google Ads, please leave us a comment or connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or send me a message from the contact page. I enjoy helping small businesses compete online and have a massive experience with companies spending over $1M a month on digital advertising.

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