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Is your bar or restaurant ready for the biggest shift in the history of credit card processing fees? Are you tired of seeing a confusing monthly statement with hefty debits to your account for processing fees you absorbed? As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save money. But what about your customers? With the new surcharging program, you can finally pass on the cost of credit card processing fees to your customers.


What’s different about MerchantWay than a living wage surcharge? 

You’ve probably even seen something like this before where there is a “4%” living wage charge on your restaurant receipt. Unfortunately, this tactic still does not solve the  problem of the restaurants and bars paying the credit card fees. As a restaurant owner, you still eat the fees even though the bill was raised to help cover some of the cost.

With MerchantWay, they take over the entire payment for credit card fees. You still get a statement but you actually DO NOT PAY THE CREDIT CARD FEES. Yes, you read that correctly and is exactly what sharing this information is so important to me.

In the past, merchants had to absorb the cost of credit card transactions and those fees add up to thousands of dollars per month. Due to changes in card network rules, merchants now have the option to charge different prices for cash and credit card transactions.

MerchantWay by MiCamp Solutions can offer merchants a 0% processing rate in 48 states with the exception of Connecticut and Massachusetts.


What is surcharging in restaurants? 

This new program is called “surcharging” where merchants pay no processing fees but the customer gets surcharged (4%) for using credit cards and does not get surcharged for paying with cash (for in-store POS purchases).

In order for merchants to participate in the 0% program they must offer a no-fee/discount option to their customers. In most cases this would be physical cash. If merchants do not accept cash they can:

    1. Make debit cards the discount option and only pay processing fees on debit card transactions while still having no fees on credit cards.
    2. Make other forms of payment like PayPal or Venmo the cash discount option for customers. These options would most likely be the least cost options for merchants as customers use these pay methods less often.

There’s no surcharge for customers paying with cash, so your customers can save money still. This is a great way for merchants to save money on credit card processing fees, and it’s also a great way to encourage your customers to pay with cash. This program is a win-win for both merchants and customers.

So why not give it a try?


What happens with my current POS system? 

We understand what a challenge it is to keep switching point-of-sale systems which is why you can keep you current POS. Most POS systems can be enabled for cash discounting that permit a third-party processor.

If the POS can’t be configured, like Toast POS, then MerchantWay can replace the entire POS. Choose from almost any POS in this case. If processing is over $100,000 per month, get a free POS system with no implementation or installation fees.

If a merchant is interested in working with MerchantWay, fill out the merchant

form online at Just let them know you heard about surcharging in restaurants from Click Track Marketing.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years as well as merchant services and truly understand the pain point of those pesky merchant processing fees. It’s time for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and thousands of other small businesses to avoid credit card processing fees for good.


How long does it take to install? 

If your current system is compatible, it should only take about 1-2 hours to install the new MerchantWay gateway that supports surcharging.


How to get started

    1. Fill out the form at
    2. Include your name, contact info, and point of sale system
    3. MerchantWay will reach out within 24-48 hours
    4. Once the setup is configured, installation will take place shortly after
    5. Everything else remains business as usual, minus the credit card fees

If you need help marketing your business, please reach out to Click Track Marketing today. We help connect your restaurant, bar, and coffee shop with more hungry and thirsty people looking for similar products on Google and Apple Maps.


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