Set Up Remarketing Code in Google Ads with Google Tag Manager


Have you ever been followed around the Internet by a company’s ads after visiting a website?

In a nutshell, that’s what remarketing is.

It’s a visual and targeted reminder that shows ads of your company to people who visited your company’s website. The ads can show up as display ads on various websites or even on YouTube helping you build brand awareness and eventually leads or sales.

Think about and its marketing strategy. There is a good chance you watched a YouTube video in the past couple of years where popped up and interrupted your viewing. Even though you may not be in the market for project management software at that time, when you do need it, there is a high chance that you will look into just from brand awareness and name recognition perspective.

This is what I want to do with your company; remind your potential customers you exist and get them to take action such as scheduling a consultation, booking a reservation, visiting your store, or a phone call, etc.

Why install a remarketing code? 

Installing a remarketing code that fires every time a new visitor comes to your site allows businesses to build up an audience of people to remarket to. Once you reach 1,000 unique visitors, you can add these audiences to ad groups or campaigns and pay less to get your ads in front of them.

Follow the instructions below on how to set up a remarketing audience and install the code with Google Tag Manager and Google Ads. 

1. Login at

a. Switch to Expert Mode (Only if in Smart Mode)
b. Tools & Settings

i. Shared Library

1. Audience Manager

2. Click Set Up an Audience Source

a. Select Google Ads and Click Set Up Tag

3. Select the Type of Data Source

4. Click Save and Continue
5. Select Google Tag Manager (Read Instructions)

a. Copy the Conversion ID created in Google Ads

6. Go to Tag Manager and the Account You are Working In

a. Click New Tag

1. Click Tag Configuration
2. Scroll down to ‘Google Ads Remarketing’

7. Place the Conversion ID in Tag Manager
8. Create a Conversion Linker

a. Click Create (Before you save anything or move forward)

9. Click Enable linking on all Page URLs

10. Set up Triggering to FIRE ON ALL PAGES

a. Click SAVE and name Conversion Linker

11. Go back to Tag Configuration

a. Click Triggering and set it to FIRE ON ALL PAGES
b. Click Save and name the tag something like Google Ads Remarketing Tag – 8.27.22
c. Click Submit in Tag Manager and don’t forget to PUBLISH the changes.
d. Click Continue, then Done in Google Ads

12. Great job! Now you have to wait until you have 1,000 unique visitors in your  audience to start a remarketing campaign or add to an ad group, etc.

13. Go to your website and confirm the remarketing code is working. Use Google’s Tag Assistant to check code installation.

If you need any help installing the code or setting up your business with accurate conversion tracking, please let us know by reaching out HERE.

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