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Aspiring authors, have you heard the news? Spotify has acquired Findaway Voices and is now a destination for audiobooks! With their acquisition of Findaway Voices, they are offering authors another channel to share their books. Follow the steps in this article on how to upload your audiobook to Spotify.

The news has sparked excitement among authors around the world. You no longer need to rely solely on Audible or ACX to get your book out there; you can now upload it directly onto Spotify as well!

But how exactly do you go about uploading your audiobook onto this platform? Well, we are here to help guide you through that process so that you can become one of many successful authors who have made use of this new opportunity.

First things first: If you already have an audio file ready and uploaded in your Findaway Voices Dashboard, then great – all that’s left is submitting it for review. But if not, then don’t worry – getting started with creating an audiobook on this platform is easy too! All it takes is finding a narrator who will record your masterpiece using professional-grade equipment and software which meets the standards set by Spotify itself. After signing up with them as a partner (which is free!), narrators will be able to submit auditions for any titles posted on our site before booking sessions with clients like yourself once hired.

Once everything else has been taken care of, head over back into your dashboard where it’s time to make sure everything looks good before submitting those files for review from both yourself and Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). Once reviewed and approved (usually within 10 business days), congratulations – your book will officially appear in the Audiobooks section at

From there people everywhere – whether they’re listening via the web or app – can begin streaming away!

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this exciting new opportunity today by following these simple steps so that soon enough more readers than ever before can enjoy what only YOU could create!


1. Create an account at
a. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email, then create a
Secure password.
2. Select how you will use Findaway Voices
a.Enter how you heard about the service.
i.Select the legal notices and contact permission.
3. Click Create Account.
4. Choose to set up your author profile or take a look at it later.
a. To set up your profile, click GET STARTED.
b.Launch profile setup.
i.Upload the headshot, then the banner image.
5. Click NEXT and add your social profile URLs.
6. Add your author bio (3,000 character limit) and click FINISH.
a. Continue filling out your info such as mailing address, billing
address, and payment option.
7. Continue to the Identity Verification section.
a. Prepare and upload images of your driver’s license, passport, or
identity card.
8. If error, contact customer experience via the link or email
9. Continue to set up your payment and tax profile.
a. You’ll need your routing, account number, social security, and/or
EIN number for your company.
10. After that, you can start uploading your files in the section with the headphones as the icon.
a. Click on New Project.
11. Since I recorded my voice and mastered the audio tracks on my own, I  am going to select “I want to sell an existing audiobook.”
a. Name your book and click BEGIN.
b. Sign the production agreement, then the distribution agreement.
12. Start adding your MetaData including the title, subtitle, categories, keywords, etc.
a. The cover image must be square and 3,000 x 3,000 pixels
13. If you don’t have an audiobook published yet, you will still want to USE YOUR OWN ISBN number, or else Findaway Voices will become one of your publishers.
a. You can add your print and eBook ISBN numbers to help match
correct titles on other platforms.
b. Add the Copyright details and year.
c. Then set your price.
i.add a launch special price and end date.
14. Select distribution of VOICES PLUS and unselect Audible if you already uploaded your audiobook via ACX.
a. Leave Apple selected and you should be able to increase your
15. Then move to the AUDIO section and start uploading your files.
a. Opening credits
b. Front matter – introduction
c. Body matter – main chapters
d. Back text – appendix, etc.
e. Ending credits – “the end”
f. Retail sample – 1 to 5 minutes long
16. SUBMIT audio files and confirm chapter titles before the final confirmation.
18. You can generate GIVEAWAY CODES after your audiobook is published.
19. Click REVIEW & SUBMIT in the top right-hand corner.
a. You will be prompted to confirm your price based on their calculations from book length, genre, and more.


Now we wait around 10 business days for approval, but start spreading the news right away. You want as many people as possible to download/order your audiobook immediately after it releases. Create an email campaign and have it ready to send out on the release day. Promote the audiobook on your LinkedIn and social channels. Tell everyone about it!

Finally, after weeks of anticipation and preparation, your first audiobook will hit the Spotify digital shelves everywhere! It doesn’t take long before sales began rolling in – soon people all over were talking about this amazing new audio experience! If you have any questions about how to upload your audiobook to Spotify, please reach out here.

Other Things to Think About When Launching a Book and Audiobook

1. Open a business checking account just for book sales, and anything else related to the book like marketing expenses, etc.
a. Also, set up a business credit card and LLC, if you haven’t already.
b. Confirm and create a PayPal or Stripe account to collect payments.
2. Set up BookBub and claim the author profile after the eBook is live.
3. Nominate your book on KDP.
4. Add a link/image to book in the email signature with UTM tracking to see if people are clicking over to your site from email outreach.
5. Reach out to local bookstores and ask them to purchase your new book.
6. Schedule a book signing at one of your local bookstores that agreed to order your book.
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