What is Demand Generation Marketing?


What is Demand Generation Marketing?

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Demand generation marketing focuses on highly targeted marketing strategies specifically to target companies or individuals. The goal is to drive awareness and increase the interest of the services and products of the company being marketed. Driving qualified leads to the top of funnel helping the marketing and sales team prioritize efforts to accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals.

demand generation manager must have marketing skills that combine inbound and outbound tactics to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. Any experience with search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and (SEM) search engine marketing, will also help demand generation marketing specialists be successful in their role and request a higher salary package when applying.

Demand Generation role is to attract potential customers to the products and services.

In business-to-business marketing, a demand generation marketing manager will need to implement a solution that enables IP address intelligence. In order to identify net new opportunities based on website visitors, it is extremely useful to see which companies are visiting your website even if they do not fill out a form or call. Most companies only see a 2-3% conversion rate from website visitors to form fill and have no idea what other companies may be in the buying cycle or reviewing its products, services, or pricing page. Most demand generation specialists who work for B2B companies leverage account-based marketing tactics to help identify and target qualified leads.

Here is a list of 5 ABM solutions that help demand generation specialists automate, streamline, and deliver more opportunities to their sales and marketing teams.

  • KickFire
  • LeadForensics
  • Clearbit
  • DemandBase
  • LeadFeeder

This list is intended to help streamline the decision process as there are hundreds of account-based marketing solutions available today. Most vendors may use public data sources sharing inaccurate information that offers no true value to your business.

Check out this blog article titled, “10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your IP Address Data Vendor,” to help companies make sound business decisions with this type of solution. In order to choose the right data vendor, one should reach out directly to the companies listed above to ask about a data test to compare results, start a free trial, and request pricing. Average monthly traffic and the use case for the data delivered will help determine the price, but most solutions are customized based on the unique needs of the business. Be prepared to set up a call before a demo with most companies since there are multiple solutions that provide website visitor tracking software and account-based marketing tools.

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