What is IP address intelligence?

What is IP address intelligence?

What is IP address intelligence?

Only 3% of your website visitors fill out a form, what about the other 97% that stopped by? 

IP address intelligence is being able to deliver high-quality firmographic data and actionable insights based on global event signals from IP addresses over the Internet. IP intelligence helps you identify which companies are engaging with your business online, what pages are they looking at on your website, how they found you, where they are located, and more. Close to 97% of all website visitors do not fill out a form or schedule a demo but they landed on your page for a reason. Either they are looking at competitors and wanted to see how your products and services compare or starting the research phase of the buying process.

Here are a few examples of how a data company can translate the information for your business:

  • IP to Company Name
  • Domain to IP
  • IP to Domain

For example, KickFirea leader in IP address intelligence, has the ability to provide the company name and other B2B firmographic data simply from an IP address that visited your company’s website. KickFire has proprietary technology, machine learning, data integrity specialists, and more to ensure the highest quality data is delivered to its customers and partners.

KickFire translates global IP addresses into business intelligence delivering actionable insights and first-party intent data. *See exactly which companies are visiting your site.

What are firmographics? What does firmographic data mean?

Firmographic data is similar to consumer demographics, but it describes the attributes related to business. The data includes revenue range, SIC code, industry type, number of employees, and much more. This means that you can now hyper-segment your audience based on more filters and specific criteria that are important to your company. Instead of remarketing to everyone that visited your site, you can build a custom audience with advanced conditions in Google Analytics.

Imagine if you could build a custom audience inside Google or Adobe Analytics based on firmographic data. Well, it’s possible and thousands of B2B companies are leveraging this type of solution, but you have to choose the right data vendor and delivery method that best suits your business. 

Several solutions that KickFire has the ability to deliver firmographic into is as follows:

You know the companies that visited your site, now what?

From there, your sales and marketing team can accomplish their goals by spending time and resources on the companies that are most likely to convert. Marketing campaigns are now measurable on an account-level showing exactly which companies clicked on your ads and visited specific web pages.

🔥 Identify Companies 

💰 Reduce ad waste 

🖥 Website Personalization

🚀 Convert more Leads

🎯 API Capabilities

Why remarket to every website visitor when you can focus on your high-value audience and target accounts that matter to your business?

Understanding the companies showing first-party buying intent on your website is one of the first steps to a successful account-based marketing strategy.  

For more information on IP address intelligence and account-based marketing tactics, please email david@kickfire.com.

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