What is website personalization or B2B website personalization?

Unlocking the Power of Website Personalization

What is website personalization or B2B website personalization? 

Website personalization or B2B website personalization is the ability to change the design, images, and text of a webpage based on the attributes of a visitor creating a unique web experience. These characteristics include location, type or size of company, demographics, keyword searched, campaign, etc.

“76% percent of all B2B buyers expect some type of personalization.” – SalesForce

For example, if a company sells to the specific types of industries and would like to show unique visitors a different image/text to represent distinct Enterprise or Government products and services, this is possible with B2B personalization. 

Here is an example of a personalized webpage of unique images and text based on the industry type of the company that is visiting your website:

*Personalized landing page based on Industry Type of the Visitor.

IP address intelligence is one of the website personalization tools required to change the website content based on which company the visitor is coming from. Without identifying the companies visiting your website it would be impossible to personalize based on company demographics, otherwise known as firmographics. This is where B2B marketers see the biggest return on investment because you only have one chance to make a first impression online.

See the screenshot below where KickFire has the capabilities to greet companies by company name that visits its website increasing engagement and driving more form fills and demo requests.

Here are a few website personalization examples:


*Personalize by company name (if identified in the database). 


*Greet companies by name with B2B website visitor personalization. 

Personalization or dynamic content comes in many forms and digital marketers have been using this method for years. In the same way, the online shopping experience is filling our carts with items we may like, websites are now dynamically changing based on each type of visitor. In the past few years, B2B companies are implementing personalization technology to deepen customer engagement and target key accounts better. Since the visitor is identified on an account-level (by the associated company), the webpage can be dynamically updated to show relevant content to the visitor of that specific company.

On the slightly technical side, an API is called immediately when an IP address (domain) hits the website and then checks the database to see if there are known company information to return. Before the webpage is even loaded, the database returns the information to the data layer and greets the company by name, industry type, or size, etc. This all happens at around 1/300th of a second which is faster than humans can blink their eyes.

5 Website Personalization and ABM Tools You Must Check Out to Level Up Your ABM Strategy


  1. Google Optimize – Free tool from Google that integrates with Google Ads and Analytics to activate personalization based on multiple factors. See the detailed screenshot below.
  2. Sitecore – personalization and experience platform
  3. Adobe Target – real-time content personalization
  4. Triblio – Web experience and ABM platform
  5. OpenPrise – Cleanse and enrich data records with IP address intelligence

In short, website personalization is your one chance to make an impact online with your site visitors showing relevant content to increase engagement. Since the industry standard for conversions is only around 2-3%, personalization has helped thousands of B2B companies exceed their revenue goals without spending more on digital advertising.

3 Steps to Launch Website Personalization for B2B Companies


Step 1: Sign up for KickFire for Google – see companies in Google Analytics along with firmographic data.

Step 2: Sign up for Google Optimize – leverage firmographic data from analytics to create a personalized web experience for B2B companies visiting your site.

Step 3: Configure Google Optimize – configure the rules and start testing what is working and what can be improved.

If you are ready to try out an ABM solution that combines remarketing, personalization, and more all based on real-time companies visiting your site and firmographic data, please sign up to request a trial HERE.

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